Mango Carrot Ice Cream

mango carrot

Healthy Ice cream… what could be better?!  No added sugar + No preservatives + Yumminess = My Dream Ice Cream!  This can be your dream come true too! We are stretching out our summer as long as possible and still enjoying ice cream snack every afternoon (if you missed our last blog on healthy ice cream, check [...]

Healthy Ice Cream!


I LOVE ice cream and so do my kiddo’s!!  In fact we love it so much at my house that we eat it for snack, for breakfast, and even right before bedtime.  Of course, we are not talking about any old ice cream from the store.  No, no not the kind with tons of sugar [...]

Plantable Seed Pod


Looking for a fun and simple, inexpensive garden craft to do with your little ones?  Check out these plantable seed pods.  They are a great way to get your kiddos into the garden or an awesome homemade gift!  We decided to make them as Mother’s day gifts and invited Little Man’s buddy over to join in [...]

Peach with Carrot Popcycle

Peach Carrot Popcycle

Want to inspire your picky eater?  Try serving popcycles for breakfast!  You should have seen my Little Man’s face light up when I gave him the choice of either eggs or a POPCYCLE for breakfast this morning.  Now I would not indorse this sort of behavior when it came to just any popcycle… but my popcycles [...]